Ensuring access to quality education during school-lock-down
Sparsh initiative was marked by rural youth-led community classrooms for bridging gaps in age-apt learning outcome of government primary school children and creating a learning conducive environment for children of the village. We believe that this is an efficient way to add contextuality in education for children, creating a budding ground for community ownership for education especially in a school lockdown situation and link youth to the prevalent education crisis in their own village.


  • Age-appropriate learning outcome for primary school children
  • Building capacity of youth to lead whole school transformation
  • Peer learning space for children in village
  • Improvement in ownership of community and Panchyat and Community

Ghar Ghar Padhai

A youth lead delivers a learning kit to every child at her home. Through a whatsapp group, relevant lesson specific videos are sent to guide the children to complete 1-2 worksheets everyday. The worksheets contain home based learning projects which are intended to make learning more contextual and experience based.

Our Reach

  • In the first phase of lockdown, we reached out to the 98 children of 5 villages of Ujjain district through 6 youth
  • In the second phase we have shifted online under SPARSH initiative ‘Ghar Ghar Padhai’.

See our sample Worksheets here