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We envision building an ecosystem for youth who are bringing sustainable social change with their communities.

Our Journey

From a community library to re-building education scenario


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Core Team

Vasudha Kapoor

Vasudha Kapoor is A Post Graduate and a gold medalist in Human Development and Childhood Studies from the University of Delhi. She has an immense academic interest in gender and human development. She has worked with Ministry of Women and Child Development, Himachal Pradesh towards building structures to empower children in correctional settings in rural areas of Himachal Pradesh. A project with Delhi AIDS Control Society with sex workers in east Delhi and children residing in slum settings of central Delhi has been another area of work. She has closely worked with Save the Children, Delhi State Office to understand social upliftment initiatives of the organization through photo documentation of various functional programs. Vasudha is a pahadi at heart who loves to discover and tell stories. She enjoys getting into the details and focuses on depth in learning. She is an avid reader and collector of stories by Ruskin Bond and Roald Dahl.

Nageshwar Panchal

Nageshwar Panchal is an entrepreneur from Ujjain. He is passionate towards building sustainability in village through decentralized model of leadership and service. He has been among the founder members of Go-On India and Sanima. He is among the first cohort of School for social entrepreneurs India. He is also the part of world’s largest train journey Jagriti Yatra to build India through enterprise. Nageshwar has been heading a school transformation project in collaboration with Parwarish, a NGO based in Delhi, Smile Foundation and Gramin Vikas Samiti. Nageshwar is a poet at heart and a movie-enthusiast. He loves to connect with people, groups, and organizations and has an eye of an explorer.


Kamlesh is a young change-maker from Ujjain. He has worked on Value-Based Education with “Labhya Foundation”, in Delhi, and on the basics of Social Emotional Learning. He has worked with Parwarish on child sexual abuse. He has been a core team member to Youth Alliance for its rural immersion program named Gramya Manthan. He holds a strong commitment to live on his values and to live a sustainable life within & around a rural community. Besides leading Human Resource and some ground operations in organisation, he can be seen investing in Youth Development Activities on his own. He is a Graduate in Philosophy from the University of Delhi, his interests on inner journey leads him to dive deeper into internal transformation of one's being and how can one be on a spiritual journey. He also spends his time reading books, watching movies, travelling and writing poems, stories and articles on relative issues around the humankind and the world too.


Pawan is our in-house bundle of positive energy. Being playful at heart, he loves playing frisbee, putting soul into his pictures and learning from children. Pawan has worked as an I-discover fellow in Kotra, Udaipur with a tribal school community to uplift the social and emotional learning of school-going students. He did his schooling from Nagda, Madhya Pradesh. Besides this, he has an deep interest in community engagement and mobilization.

Sparsh Leaders

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Teena Sharma

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