Skill on Wheels

Skills and equity go hand in hand
Skills on Wheel is about providing access to Multiskill Foundational Course to rural students of Mahidpur Block Madhya Pradesh. In this, a mini-designed bus with equipment works with 05 schools. Two trained facilitator manages each SOW bus. These trained facilitators run the course in 05 schools. In each school, we divide the batch in two groups mainly technical and non-technical. During one year of course we cover the following streams (64 sessions) in two years.
In the govt rural areas of Ujjain, students of classes 7th and 8th from families of daily wage workers and small farmers do not have access to hands-on learning and vocational experiences that help them work on their skills for better ‘real-world’ exposure to academic concepts. The National Achievement Survey, 2017 (Madhya Pradesh State Learning Report) also says that not more than 40 percent of children in class 8 show class-appropriate learning outcomes in Mathematics and Science. Also, here schools have a lack of resources for hands-on learning experiences including no access to a physical lab in the school campus. The report further states that fewer than 30 percent of children in class 8 cannot apply their learning in the real world.

The Social Capital Credits Model by Asia Initiatives

In Skill on Wheels program students gets access to the multifoundational course sessions by earning Social Capital Credit which is a unique way of increasing community good. It is designed by Asia Initiatives to support primary grade students and doing social projects in their villages.

Through Skill on Wheels, we reach







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