The Dark Talk: A space to express and reflect upon our supposedly ‘negative’ emotions like anger, greed, jealousy and much more. The idea is to drift towards an emotional integrity- owning every emotion to its core.

Grounding Practices: We practice some rituals and routines to connect to our inner child and discover our lost playfulness.

Food and Wellbeing: We explore consumption as a holistic experience. Here, we start with the food we eat and how it impacts our well-being. The free-flowing discussions lead to understanding of other kinds of food we consume: thoughts, ideas, emotions, experiences.

Needs, feelings and beyond: In social situations where each person comes along with their baggage of needs and emotions, conflicts are frequent. Here we attempt to understand conflicts more deeply and practice conversations with empathy and compassion at the centre.

Art of Asking: Questions are vital to make sense of the world we live in. Here, we discover the power of questions and put efforts to frame meaningful, right questions to take us forward.